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At the tip of the Rhuys Peninsula

Located at the entrance to the Gulf of Morbihan, Port Navalo (“Porzh Noalou” in Breton) is a famous fishing port that dates from the early twentieth century. Popular with tourists for its superb panoramic views of the interior of the Gulf, Port Navalo is sure to amaze you and provides a refreshing change of scenery thanks to the gorgeous Breton islands, which you can contemplate from this famed marine gateway. Allow yourself to be guided aboard an old-fashioned schooner and visit the wealth of islands and islets that dot the Gulf of Morbihan. 

Every summer the Grand Regatta (Grandes régates) takes place in Port Navalo. Fans of traditional sailing ships will be dazzled with a majestic and unique nautical ballet. It is perfectly visible from this old coastal fishing port, a stone's throw from Sarzeau and the Hotel Lesage.